New & Improved

We know your time is valuable. And we want to help eliminate some of your frustrations. As a result, we’ve listed to your feedback about our current web site. And we’ve incorporated your concerns into the new one.

Faster and easier ordering was your number one request. And finding fresh new products was a close second. So on our new site, you’ll find that both are improved.

We’ll move the newest products up front. We’ll also highlight the products that are seeing the most activity. You’ll be able to make better buying decisions to get exactly the right mix of products in your store.

And once you’ve made the decision, ordering will be quick and easy. We’ll highlight your discounts and show you how to save even more with our freight program. You’ll get an email notification when you place your order. And we’ll follow up with a confirmation when it’s ready to ship.

You’ll also find the new site is much more mobile friendly. We know you spend your days on the go and you need to be able to get more done without being tied to your desktop computer. So we’re displaying bigger text and bigger photos on your mobile phone or tablet.

Check out the new Let us know how we can continue to improve. As always, we love to hear from you.

" Our new site is faster and easier than ever. "

Mark Nicks

Owner, Vista Partners